This is a collection of references and resources for Working Group Alpha.

User InterfaceOur interactive knowledge engine is fully imagined but only recently achievable. As we create pieces and put them together, we will rewrite and reinvent many times over. We imagine a world where the visual objects on screen become an integral part of our language of complexity. Scrolling, searching, browsing, interacting, organizing and navigating are native elements of the language – not a means to reach the language. The code embeds and manages the objectives of any user – shape shifting what appears on screen to accommodate the best way to deliver complex knowledge that is consistent with the needs of the user. The interface and controls have to be designed to serve the coders, developers, knowledge inputters and knowledge users. User Interface and Controls can be distributed into the non-exclusive categories below. Help us create the ways users will navigate throughout this representational world.

Patten as MeaningOne of our primary principles is that complex knowledge can best be addressed through visualization.  We want you to imagine, as a working group contributor, the power of translating a systemic understanding of everything into a new form of semiotics, representational visualization, that represents the complexity of human cognition.  Patterns within systemic frameworks become our advanced language.  We expect to employ a sophisticated yet simple framework of color and movement within carefully constructed ontological models to define the relationships, exchanges and first principles that we use to make sense of our world.

Computer Added Life: The following are four post from our blog, the Daily Y, relating to Computer Aided Life (CAL).

Gaming = Computer Aided Life


CAL: The World


CAL: The Controller


CAL: The Majesty

Inspiration: Some examples of better ways to organize and communicate human knowledge through visual and audio representation. Please post your favoraites as well- including your own fine work.





Best Web Tools

I am beginning to collect the Y-worlds environment implementation feature wish-list potential components here:

Gource and docuwiki combined can  give animated, organic expression to the growth of knowledge structures

Gource and Dokuwiki by Wolverinex02


for insights into integration of docuwiki content with gource animated viewer

gource1 (Photo credit: Dave & Bry)


we liked for data viz potential

physical world knowledgebase integration map resources prototype collaborative mapping project


Potential user profiling models to consider for game likeness: (example of profiles) (nice video)


drawing SMN Particle Draw

From Seth;

I wanted to share a project I’ve been developing which seems relevant to YWorlds –

Recently I’ve written a summary of the project’s progress at:


From Fabio – music:

From Mark.F:

From Brock:

Knowledge capture backend potential:

initial development phase –