The Playgrounds are where we collaborate on projects and develop best knowledge. Projects can be broadly focused or more narrowly focused. The Playgrounds fall under three parent teams: Working Group AlphaKnowledge Systems and Y Worlds Institute.

Working Group Alpha is our team of technologists who contribute to the concept and design of Visual Y. Work with an amazing assortment of people to revolutionize how humans reach our potential by finally addressing complexity and systemic knowledge – the stuff that really makes the world go round.

Knowledge Systems is where we design and build our knowledge models, our ontologies and our patterns of meaning across all domains. Our focus will be on our knowledge mapping project and becoming a trusted source of complex high value knowledge. Help us identify the variables and relationships that will come alive through models.

Y Worlds Institute invites you to help build and participate in a new kind of institution dedicated to accuracy, honesty and compassion.  The Y Worlds Institute is committed to inspiring new creative alternatives to the ineffective institutions that surround us. The Y Worlds Bank is where we organize and allocate our resources. LegacY is where we honor and recognize others. The Y Worlds Exchange is our dynamic marketplace co-op.

If you want to work on a certain project and you don’t think it fits into a current Playground you can email us at and we will help create a Playground for your project.

In each Playground is where you can add and find references and resources (in the References and Resources Tab); collaborate on your Project with anyone; share links, videos, images, and any media; and mostly importantly develop best knowledge.

To edit a page go to the permalink of the page or post you want to edit and click the ‘Edit Page’ on the WordPress toolbar. 
Here you can add text, media, and files or edit the page. Make sure to click Update to save your work. Once done click ‘View Page’ to ensure your input saved and appears properly.

 How to Use Y Worlds Playgrounds (WordPress P2)

If you think your resource or reference is applicable to the whole Project Team(s) you can add it on the Project Team Homepage(s).

If you are working on a specific topic within a Playground make sure to add tags to your posts so you can find past posts that relate to your topic.

Once you have completed certain parts of your Project (or the whole thing) you can place it in Y Worlds. Y Worlds is where we display and share with the world our knowledge on any topic. Create a new page in the Tech Section, Knowledge Section, or Cooperative Section of Y Worlds or add to an existing page.

Any user can edit and create new posts in our Playgrounds. However, in Y Worlds we have structured user permission roles. Authors can create new posts, pages and articles; edit any post, page or article; and delete their own pages, posts and articles. Editors have the same permissions as Authors and can delete any pages, posts, and articles. Administrators have the same permissions as Editors and can manage comments.

If you have any questions about where to add your contributions, how to use WordPress, where to get started, or anything at all please email Jack at

We are currently developing an updated version of Y Worlds and our Playgrounds that will offer major improvements over our current site. If you have any ideas about how we can improve the Y Worlds Portal please email Jack at