Some reflections on a creative brainstorm I had with Dan last night. We could create, in the form of a multi platform application, deceptively simple yet immensely powerful tool/toy to enhance individual’s capacity to appreciate greater depth and subtlety of sensory experience and cause-effect relationships.

The idea looks like a sound activated, fluid, dynamic, responsive animated image (sound, light, shape and colour) rendering screen filler. Using one’s voice to sing to your mobile app, for instance, would allow you to create and record a multi-dimensional sound and animated image-scape. This simple interface could open the possibility for some profound state experiences, much as do the dance parties so popular with many folks, and make available access to deeper levels of insight and intuition simply because of the precision of the rendering of a type of spontaneous semiotic synaesthesia. The sharing of these multimedia files could open possibilities for folk to inspire and uplift each other in simple yet powerful ways.

Underneath the bonnet, sound, colour and movement are related through proven resonances using the mathematics of wavelength correlations and complex geometry.

This is a first pass at the idea, which I feel holds exciting potential – comments?

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