Hello everyone, this is an exciting place to find ourselves! I am not an IT professional but I do have some ideas and insight into what is being proposed here. I also have a contribution which, with the help of some coders may be a valuable component to the system being described in the project outline SMN Particle Draw
ParticleDraw is a novel windows drawing program powered by a state of the art general system simulation engine. The brushes are dynamic systems of particles with interesting behaviours, which you can completely customise. Each brush is intricately tuneable with many underlying physical parameters and one can construct arbitrary systems of particles and use these as brushes.

This program is an initial software implementation of abstract mathematics that arose from metaphysical research. It is still in development and is evolving into a mathematically derived operating system for “general systems”. It was inspired by system theory and ancient metaphysics and is essentially a fusion of esoteric mathematics with computer science. It provides a reality generative process that manifests existential spaces with fundamental information theoretic properties similar to our own empirical universe. This program is entirely free with full source code and detailed information on the website.

The fact that it simulates particles is not important to the metaphysics – it can simulate ANYTHING!!! In fact if you “add a system” then choose to add a “sys_wrapped” system instead of a particle you will see that it can simulate generate software as well. It pops up a dialog box with a simple calculator in it, entirely simulated by SMN. If you pause the simulation engine (press p) the calculator will be frozen. These simple systems just show that the mathematics can simulate systems. In future it will be far more general and could be used for software engineering, VR game construction, complex interactive web design, scientific simulation and analysis, and so on. It truly simulates or creates “general systems”, which can be ANYTHING. So long as you know how to represent the existential and causal structure of the system SMN will then bring it to life and you can play with it.